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List of Cheap Colleges in California

There are many colleges in California but we share most cheap colleges detail for you lets read this article.

University of California-Irvine

The fastest growing UC campus, with a 10 percent increase in the number of applicants each year, UC Irvine is a major research university that has been an economic driving force in the region since its founding in 1965. The prestigious Regents Scholarship scholarship is a merit based on scholarships awarded to incoming freshmen. The volume of this scholarship is determined after year to year. The UCI Alumni Association awards more than $ 85,000 in scholarships each year. In addition, there are several need-based scholarships at UCI, including the Malcolm Stacey Memorial Scholarship (up to $ 3,000) and the Stanley Behrens Foundation Scholarship to enter freshmen ($ 2,500). The average Pell subsidy received by a first-year incoming student is $ 4,700. This is the first college of Cheap Colleges in California list.

University of California-Los Angeles

From the world of science (Richard Heck, Nobel Prize in Chemistry) to entertainment (Francis Ford Coppola, Academy Award winning director), sports (Troy Aikman, NFL quarterback) and many others, UCLA He has given the country some of the most recognized and respected personalities. Fifty-five percent of UCLA students receive some type of financial assistance. Up to 31 percent of freshmen receive Pell grants, with an average amount close to $ 4,500. The Miller / Shigemura Scholarship grants a minimum amount of $ 5,000 each year to incoming full-time freshmen with high financial need. The seal leadership scholarship covers tuition and fees for California residents who have been accepted at UCLA. Non-residents may have their tuition and fees covered in addition to a non-resident tuition supplement.

University of California-San Diego

Since its unpretentious beginnings as a marine research station (The Scripps Institute of Oceanography) at the beginning of the century, the University of California at San Diego now has six university colleges, five academic divisions, and five graduate and professional schools. About 60 percent of UC San Diego beginner university students receive financial assistance from the government and university funds. The Chancellor’s Scholarship to enter freshmen is a merit-based scholarship that grants up to $ 5,000 per year. The Ellen and Roger Revelle scholarship awards up to $ 2,500 per year to first-year students who qualify. First-generation college students are eligible for the Hispanic Scholarship Council scholarship, which amounts to $ 5,000 per year for four years.

University of California-Riverside

Starting as the Riverside Citrus Experimental Station in 1907, UC Riverside is now a premier research and education institute and the only UC campus located in the interior of southern California. Incoming freshmen can expect up to 86 percent of their total financial need to be met through a combination of grants, study and work programs and loans. The average need-based subsidy is close to $ 20,000. 56% of full-time beginner college students receive federal grants with an average of $ 4,700. The UC Riverside Financial Aid Office awards several merit-based scholarships to freshmen, including Dr. Thomas Halsey’s Chancellor’s Scholarship. The amounts of these awards are determined each academic year.

California 2020 Cheap Colleges

Cheap Colleges in California

University of California-Davis

The largest of the University of California campuses, UC Davis is an eminent public research university with an undergraduate population of more than 35,000 students seeking degrees in 102 specializations. More than 6 million dollars in federal and university scholarships are available to students each year. The Regent Scholarship is a $ 7,500 scholarship awarded to specially selected freshmen and junior students. An additional stipend can be awarded with this scholarship for those who demonstrate a financial need. The Provost Award ($ 13,250 per year) is a merit-based award reserved for non-California residents who have been accepted at UC Davis to help with out-of-state tuition costs. There are several scholarships from different universities, as well as awards with restricted and unrestricted eligibility.

University of California-Berkeley

The figures at the University of California-Berkeley are exciting: 170 sections and academic programs, 1,620 full-time faculty members, 2 hundred 76 degree programs, a ratio of 17 to 1 students per faculty. In addition, UC Berkeley has a inclusive range of scholarships and grants designed to make attending college an cheap option for accepted students. The Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan helps students with an annual family income of less than $ 80,000 to cover their UC Berkeley tuition up to their calculated financial need. The Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship scholarship can grant up to 100 percent of a student’s assessed financial need. Through a combination of grants, loans and study and work assignments, the average financial aid package for freshmen is $ 24,444.

California State University-Long Beach

With an enrollment of more than 35,000 students, California-Long Beach State University has one of the largest student bodies in California and one of the most diverse student populations in the western United States. 55% of undergraduate students grant scholarships from governmental, institutional or private sources, and intuitive scholarships or scholarships are granted to 40% of full-time undergraduate students. Some examples of institutional scholarships available at CSU-Long Beach include the President’s Scholarship Program, which provides merit-based scholarships to California residents who were Valedictorians or Semifinalists / Finalists of National Merit, and the CSU Scholarship Program for Future Scholars, which provides scholarship-based for California residents.

University of California-Santa Barbara

With an area of ​​1,055 acres in the quaint house on the California coast, the University of California at Santa Barbara began in 1891 as an independent teacher university and joined the UC education network in 1944. The Office of Financial Aid and UCSB Scholarships awards all scholarships as needed. No scholarship is awarded for merit alone. Each year, the UCSB Alumni Association awards several annual scholarships to new and continuing students for a total of nearly $ 20,000. Forty percent of incoming full-time freshmen are beneficiaries of the Pell grant, with an average prize pool of $ 4,500. There are also departmental scholarships. The Faculty of Creative Studies, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Letters and Science, Military Science and the Department of Music offer scholarships.

Cheap Famous Colleges in California

These cheap colleges is the most famous in the world many countries students aim to admission in these colleges.

University of California-Santa Cruz

In the hills above Monterrey Bay there is a 2,000-acre campus that houses more than 15,000 university students seeking excellence in their chosen fields of expertise. Seven out of 10 university students at the University of California, Santa Cruz receive some kind of financial aid. Students who receive the Regents Scholarship ($ 20,000 paid over four years) may still be offered additional financial assistance if their need requires it. Scholarships awarded to first-year full-time students by the UCSC Alumni Association ($ 9,000) are paid for four years. Students gifted with community colleges that transfer to UCSC are eligible for the Karl S. Pister Scholarship ($ 10,000 per year for two years). Non-residents can be considered for the Undergraduate Dean Award ($ 5,000 to $ 30,000).

California State University-Fullerton

California State University-Fullerton has the largest student body of the 23 California State University campuses and is the second largest university in the state of California. Cal State Fullerton awards nearly $ 2 million in scholarships and awards each year, with 33% of full-time beginner college students receiving institutional scholarships or scholarships. Cal State Fullerton students are eligible for a variety of institutional scholarships, including scholarships throughout the CSU system, college scholarships and scholarships through their academic department. California residents can also apply for state aid programs such as the middle class scholarship, the CA dream loan and Cal grants. Federal aid such as Work-Study and Pell Grants are also available, with 41% of students University students from Cal State Fullerton who receive funds from Pell Grant.

California State University-Chico

Established in 1887, California State University-Chico is the 2nd oldest campus in the California State University system. Most students who attend CSU-Chico can expect to receive some grant or scholarship assistance, and 46% of university students receive grants or scholarships from government, institutional or private sources. Institutional grants or scholarships are awarded to 33% of beginning university students. CSU-Chico students can apply for institutional scholarships by completing the Chico Scholarship Application, which will make them eligible for scholarships based on merits and needs. Through the President CSU Chico Scholarship program, the university awards nine scholarships of $ 20,000 to academically outstanding freshmen. The middle class California state scholarship is also available to California residents and can cover up to 40% of tuition and fees.

California Maritime Academy

The California Maritime Academy in Vallejo, California, is one of the seven maritime universities in the United States that awards degrees. Approximately half of all Cal Maritime university students receive scholarships or scholarships from government, institutional or private sources, while institutional scholarships or scholarships are granted to 27% of full-time beginner university students. The school offers three basic scholarships, including the Western Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship, which allows students from the western United States to attend the academy with reduced tuition fees. State grants are also available, including the Cal A Grant for low to middle income California students and the Cal B Grant for low income and disadvantaged California students. The Cal A and Cal B grants offer up to $ 5,472 for the cost of tuition.

California State University-Northridge

With its campus located in the Northridge neighborhood of Los Angeles, California-Northridge State University has numerous alums that are entertainment icons, including Cheech Marin of the seventies comedy duo Cheech and Chong and Alyson Hannigan of How I Meet Your mommy. Of all beginner university students at the university, 53% receive the institutional grant or scholarship assistance. CSU-Northridge offers institutional scholarships such as the Matador Scholarship Program, which ranges from $ 500 to $ 8,000 and is awarded to more than 300 academically excellent students with financial needs. Other institutional scholarships include the Outstanding Graduate Veteran Award for former members of the armed services and the Entrance Honors Award for newly admitted students accepted into the University of General Education Honors Program.

California State University-Fresno

Founded as the Fresno State Normal School in 1911, the California State University of Fresno has offered advanced degrees since 1949 and is one of 23 campuses in the California State University system. The average financial assistance package for the first year is $ 11,760. Students from the eight schools and colleges of the university can apply for several founding scholarships. Kremen School of Education and Human Development scholars may be qualified for the Charlotte J. Dandridge Memorial Scholarship or Kremen School of Education Graduates Chapter Scholarship. Second year or junior students at the Lyles College of Engineering and Computer Science can be considered for the Colonel Rick Husband Memorial scholarship, while music education students can apply for the Pete Valentino Music Educators Scholarship scholarship.

California Best Cheap Colleges

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California State University-Stanislaus

Founded in 1960, the California State University-Stanislaus ranked 55th on the 2015 list of US News & World Report of the best regional universities in the western United States. Institutional grants or scholarships are awarded to 53% of full-time beginner university students, and the university awards nearly 300 scholarships to incoming and continuing undergraduate and graduate students. Many state grants are available to CSU-Stanislaus scholars, with Pell, Cal Grants, State University Grant and Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. The Pell Grant, for example, is awarded to 58% of undergraduate students at CSU-Stanislaus. The university also offers a short-term loan program to help students with educational and emergency living expenses.

California State Polytechnic University-Pomona

The California-Pomona State Polytechnic University is one of the only two polytechnic universities in the state of California and has the second largest campus in the California State University system. More than half (51%) of all university students receive grants or grants for scholarships from government, institutional or private sources. Federal Work-Study and Federal Scholarships are available, with 44% of students receiving the Federal Pell Scholarship. Institutional grants or scholarships are awarded to 36% of full-time beginner university students. Cal Poly Pomona students can complete the Bronco Scholarship Application to be considered for scholarship opportunities through academic departments, colleges, clubs and campus offices. Maximum scholarships are awarded based on educational success, talent, leadership or community service, although some are based on economic necessity.

California State University-San Marcos

Established in 1989, California State University of San Marcos is the twentieth campus of the 23-campus CSU System with approximately 12,000 students attending its 304-acre campus in northern San Diego County. There are several base scholarships available for CSUSM students, including the following: President’s Circle Scholarship ($ 2,500), John Burnham Foundation Scholarship ($ 2,000), and the CSU Graduate Equity Scholarship ($ 1,000 to $ 2,000) for students who are underrepresented in their areas of study. Transfer students (junior or higher level) may be eligible for the Osher Foundation scholarship ($ 2,500). Forty-seven percent of freshmen for the year academic 2013-2014 received a Pell Grant. The average amount was $ 4,720.

California State University-Channel Islands

California State University Channel Islands (CI), located in Camarillo, California, is the newest campus of Cal State, established in 2002. About three-fourths of the students enrolled receive financial aid. Academic scholarships include the President’s Scholars program, which offers up to four years of full enrollment to outstanding high school students who specialize in business. There are also transfer scholarships for students from community colleges who come to CI to study business, math or science. The California State University Channel Islands Foundation also awards a range of scholarships. California residents with family incomes of up to $ 150,000 can apply for the middle class scholarship and those covered by Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals can apply for California Dream Act funds. The school also has a work and study program.

San Jose State University

Now proposing its students more than one hundred 34 bachelor’s and master’s degrees with one hundred 10 concentrations, San Jose State University has grown far beyond its humble beginning as a usual school for the expansion of the western border. The average financial aid package is $ 14,881 for the 2014 academic year and generally consists of a combination of loans, federal grants, universities and departmental scholarships and study and work options. Forty percent of freshmen received the Pell Grant, with an average amount of $ 4,553. Students with excellent academic performance, demonstrable financial need and who have overcome personal difficulties may be eligible for the California State University Trustees Award for Outstanding Achievements.

San Diego State University

Starting as a training center for elementary school teachers in 1897 with 7 faculty members and 91 students, San Diego State University now has more than 35,000 students, one faculty and staff with 7,700 and 191 degree programs. The average financial assistance package for the first year is $ 10,300, which generally includes scholarships, loans, grants and study and work assignments. Thirty-four percent of the students received the Pell Grant (2013), with an average grant amount of $ 4,504. The Office of Educational Opportunity Programs and Ethnic Affairs supports low-income students and first-generation college students and has several financial assistance packages available for qualified students. The university makes financial assistance available for eligible Compact Scholars with demonstrable financial need.

Cheap Colleges Collection California

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San Francisco State University

Founded in 1899 as a two-year teacher training university, San Francisco State University was the first normal school in the country that required a high school diploma for admission. Students with demonstrated financial needs and academic achievement may be eligible for University Scholarships, which award $ 500 to $ 3,000. Third and third year students with economic or educational disadvantages are considered for the Costco scholarship, while freshmen or undergraduate students with demonstrable service to the Asian community may qualify for the Dr. Gloria Hing scholarship. Both scholarship programs grant amounts equivalent to tuition at the time of disbursement. Higher division students with financial needs and a strong leadership record may be eligible for the New Leader Scholarship (up to $ 8,000 / year).

University of California-Merced

The University of California-Merced is the campus of the University of California located in Merced, California, and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. There are many scholarships available specifically for UC Merced undergraduate students, transfer students and graduate students. Many students also look for external scholarships. Students can also participate in the Federal Work and Study program by working part-time on campus. UC Merced offers a deferred payment plan that allows students to pay their tuition and fees in three installments. Students transferring from California community colleges qualify for the UC Merced Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG), provided they have completed specific courses and their grade point averages meet the minimum requirements.

Sonoma State University

Established in 1961 with 274 students in leased buildings in Rohnert Park, Sonoma State University is now a 269-acre campus with more than 9,000 students and offers 46 undergraduate programs, 15 master’s programs, 9 credential programs and 8 certificate programs. Incoming freshmen from low-income families or who are first-generation college students may qualify for the CSU Future Scholars Scholarships. The Presidential Academic Program guarantees $ 1,000 for incoming freshmen with a 4.0 GPA. Students enrolled in the Department of Engineering Sciences may be eligible to receive one of the 10 $ 3,000 merit-based scholarships from the Agilent Technologies Foundation. International students can apply for the Benson International Student Awards, a single prize awarded during the first semester of an international student at SSU.

Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California, is a community college that features famous students from the entertainment industry such as Diane Keaton, Patrick Warburton and Steven Seagal. The university provides financial assistance to 55% of full-time beginner university students, and this aid comes primarily from government, private or institutional grants and scholarships. Students who are members of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society are eligible for several scholarships, including the $ 1,000 Leaders of Promise Scholarship and the Beta Mu Alpha Chapter Scholarships, ranging between $ 500 and $ 1,500. Institutional scholarships are also available for continuous and transferred students, and the school awarded more than $ 360,000 in scholarships to these students in 2013. After reading Cheap Colleges in California article please must comment about article.

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