Planning your Study in Canada

About Planning your Study in Canada

Step 1

Planning your Study in Canada, Apply for the English for Academic Purposes program (EAP) at either of our two locations at ELS Language Centers Canada (Vancouver/Toronto).

Step 2

Apply to one of our college/university partner schools in Canada with the help of an ELS University Admissions Services Counselor.

  • If you know what partner school you would like to apply to prior to your arrival in Canada you can send the college/ university application along with the ELS application
  • If you are undecided, our University Admissions Services Counselors can help you decide once you get to ELS

Step 3

Receive the ELS Language Centers’ Letter of Acceptance and the college/university partner’s Letter of Conditional Admission offer. Once you achieve the English proficiency level (level 109 or 112) required by the partner school, you will be fully accepted into the college/university.

Step 4

Apply for your visa

Step 5

Build the skills you need for future academic success by studying at the ELS Language Center in Vancouver or Toronto and fulfilling the English language requirement for your chosen college/university (EAP level 109 or 112).

Step 6



The ELS University Guide Online (University Guide is your starting point for successfully applying to any of our 650+ University Partners while you are still in your home country, with powerful tools that enable you to identify which schools make the best fit for your unique needs.

You’ll find which Canadian schools partner with ELS for Conditional Admission, and have access to a complete Higher Education Overview, partner university information and local ELS authorized Counselor contact information.

You can create a custom search based on combinations of criteria, including:

  • Degree Programs
  • Conditional Letter of Admission
  • Location: Province, Region
  • University Type
  • Public, Private Institution
  • Area of study, popular majors
  • ELS Level Requirements
  • Academic Requirements – Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Availability of Academic Scholarships
  • Male only, female only, co-educational

And then make side-by-side comparisons.

The Guide makes it easy to review information including institution type, degrees offered, nearest ELS Center, and tuition and housing costs. It also offers a glossary, higher education news of note, a direct link to the ELS University Admission Services website, and the functionality to save your searches and apply later.

ELS recommends that you contact your local ELS authorized Counselor to schedule a consultation* to learn about our university advising and application services. You will receive professional advice in your native language while still in your home country.

Planning your Study in Canada


North Island College

North Island College (NIC) is a public college of 4,500 students established in 1975. We are located on Vancouver Island, a short flight from Vancouver. As a smaller institution, our instructors are excellent and able to focus on student success. Our staff considers students to be their number one priority. International students choose from certificate, diploma, and degree and post-degree diploma programs in business, humanities, sciences, tourism, trades, fine arts, and design. English language programs and more. NIC also offers many university transfer pathways to top universities in British Columbia, the United States and around the world.

Collaborative degrees, guaranteed and dual admission agreements exist between NIC and the University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University, Royal Roads University, Vancouver Island University, University of Northern British Columbia and Portland State University (USA). These allow students direct access to those institutions if they can meet certain basic criteria. Degree programs include fine arts, design, a variety of engineering streams, architecture, environmental sciences, international hotel management, biomedical informatics and applied linguistics among many others. We have paid work-study in our Tourism and Hospitality and Business programs and internships available for all programs. Tuition fees are affordable.

Huron University College

Huron University College is a Liberal Arts university located in southwestern Ontario, (approximately two hours from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Detroit, Michigan, USA) that offers more than 70 program combinations through its Faculty of Social Science and Arts and Faculty of Theology. As a Huron student, you are also a Western student and earn a Western degree. Therefore, Huron students have access to all that Huron has to offer as well as all that is offered by Western. This partnership provides students with the best of both worlds – study in a small university community while enjoying all the benefits of one of the largest universities in Canada.

Huron has deliberately chosen to be small, student-centered and welcoming. By limiting enrolment to just 1,300, we maximize the university experience of each and every student. Your Huron educational knowledge will give you an opportunity to extend your education beyond the classroom. We are dedicated to combining the educational and intellectual capabilities that are built through a liberal arts degree with knowledge, responsibility, and values. This enables us to develop graduates who possess the key competencies and knowledge that are necessary for accountable leadership. At Huron, you will be offered a unique chance to contribute to exchanges, internships, volunteer work, scholar leadership, and many other exciting and potentially life-altering activities. This knowledge will cultivate humility, open-mindedness, and dedication and engage you in local and worldwide communities, providing the confidence, experience, and connections necessary to develop a rewarding career.

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